Secret World Legends celebrates the Spring Equinox until March 31

It could be one. You don't know.

The Envoys of Avalon have decided that now is the right time to show up in Argatha again, because it’s March 17th and that means it’s time for the Spring Equinox event in Secret World Legends. Players can take part to help test the Stonehenge Occult Defense scenario, which pits players against 100 waves of opponents to earn a variety of rewards. You’ll also get daily login rewards, including a new Agent to use whom you can’t get otherwise.

The biggest reward for the 100-wave siege is the Attire of Avalon, a new outfit for players to use as a badge of honor. Of course, if you can’t make it through all 100 waves, you’ll still be able to purchase the outfit from the Quartermaster for a limited time after the event ends; the more waves you manage to clear, the cheaper it will be. There have also been some quality-of-life adjustments patched in with the event, so your experience will hopefully be improved even as you defend from waves of monsters.

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