Star Citizen celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by selling things and holding a limerick contest


There once was a game called Star Citizen
Whose St. Patrick’s Day pride had just bitten ’em.
They dressed up in green
And made a whole scene
About limericks and ships sales that are limited.

They called the thing Stella Fortuna
Made a website in emerald regalia.
It offered some lore
And some screenshots galore
And a limerick contest to challenge ya.

And what about all those ship sales?
It’s Star Citizen! Selling things is always entailed!
They’ve got spaceships in green
And a rover that’s keen
And a bundle of the lot for the whales.

But even if no money’s spent
Raise a glass to the message that’s sent:
Fortune favors the bold!
Enjoy player stories told!
Maybe next time we’ll hear ’bout content.


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There once was a conman called Chris
Who sold spaceships that didn’t exist
He made money in bales
From rich witless whales
And made Derek Smart majorly pissed!

I’m here all week!

ichi sakari

Sláinte! Chris, GG limericking

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Awesome limericks, Chris!

Over 3 years ago CIG made an official video wherein a dev explains how they are going to give us the hex code so we can color various parts of our ships how and when we like.

Now they’re selling non-customizable skins for single ships, and barely anyone, much less the old school backers are taking them to task on it. No wonder trans-solar travel and salvage aren’t in the game yet. The whales are fat and happy with Spaceship Lionel Train Model Simulator (TM).


“The whales are fat and happy with Spaceship Lionel Train Model Simulator (TM).”

Do they even have THAT yet?
Honestly, I’ve not kept myself well informed here, but AFAIK they have a model viewer (hangar), an empty-space combat arena, and a few beta settings (IIRC parts of a single planet) they can walk around in and interact with). Or…is there subsequently-released stuff I’ve missed?


They have a lot more in SC atm – pretty much a full Star System; and working on a second one which was previewed at Citizen Con in 2019so they can start testing Tier 0 of Hyperspace travel.

But currently a number of fully realized full Planets and their moons (and you can land anywhere and explore caves or other facilities on the planets; and some underground facilities as well. LOTS of bugs though as, yep, it’s still in the Alpha phase.

My suggestion: The next time they do a ‘free fly’ event, if your PC is up to spec, give the current Alpha version at that time a go.


That’s cool and great to hear.
I harsh on them a lot for their business model (haven’t changed my opinion on that) *BUT* I have desperately wanted a scifi space mmo for the longest time and I genuinely hope they’re successful at all the things they ambitiously aim for.


I think that’s where a lot of people land. The monetization is scummy as hell, they’re still 5+ years from something approaching a beta version, but damn do I want them to actually finish the thing. People just don’t want to be associated with those fans.

Joe Blobers

… Nor they want to be associated with anon internet “prophet” who have little to no clue about the numbers there are throwing in comment section.
5 years, ten… never… or 90days top.

“Monetization is scummy”? That can’t be more simple: 45$ and no extra $. No subscription.

* 7 years ago, no publishers did released or plan to release anything close to SQ42.

* 7 years later, backers have a SQ42 beta in sight plus SC with another patch coming in few weeks. Does this date can change? yes but better move a date than delivering something because shareholders before anything else…. anything but gamer community.
In the meantime, publishers released more of the same copy/paste and have nothing close of SQ42+SC Alpha current features… and they plan to… take old games to make remastered version…

You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing, no one to blame.” — Erica Jong

Did anyone in this section spent 260M$ in a crowdfunded project? No. By supporting with few $ over years project multi-billion companies don’t care to ever deliver to gamer community, backers do handle their own future for literally a fraction of their over years entertainment budget… and I am not talking about whales.

Many never spend a cent in any crowdfunded project or participate to any Alpha. Fine, just don’t and wait till the project reach your acceptable level of expectations.


I don’t claim to be an internet prophet, I’m basing my guess off the current state of things I see while playing the alpha, which I actually play pretty regularly. Like I said, I’m a fan, just not a member of the Cult of Roberts.

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I recently installed it again to check out how far they’ve come and this is what I noticed is in now as well (fair notice, this is just from messing around a few hours):
-there’s an FPS deathmatch game in there
-mining and trading is in
-ship parts and upgrades seem to be added
-looks like there are a few mission types now
-several new locations spread over a few plantes/moons. From larger city zones to small outposts and caves

Basically I would say they are slowly getting there

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There is stuff to do. My point is that they’ve released a lot of ships for whom their is no content. Salvage ships but no way to salvage, inter-solar system exploration vessels, with only one system so far. I enjoy the game, but will give it a hard time where it deserves it and they deserve the ribbing.