Star Citizen celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by selling things and holding a limerick contest


There once was a game called Star Citizen
Whose St. Patrick’s Day pride had just bitten ’em.
They dressed up in green
And made a whole scene
About limericks and ships sales that are limited.

They called the thing Stella Fortuna
Made a website in emerald regalia.
It offered some lore
And some screenshots galore
And a limerick contest to challenge ya.

And what about all those ship sales?
It’s Star Citizen! Selling things is always entailed!
They’ve got spaceships in green
And a rover that’s keen
And a bundle of the lot for the whales.

But even if no money’s spent
Raise a glass to the message that’s sent:
Fortune favors the bold!
Enjoy player stories told!
Maybe next time we’ll hear ’bout content.

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