Art-curation MMO Occupy White Walls is running a $120K Kickstarter


Almost two years ago, we learned about a new game we called “the most bizarre new MMORPG we’ve seen in years” – and it’s still true. It’s the MMO called Occupy White Walls, and its whole shtick is that it’s a “PC sandbox-building, AI-driven MMO where people play with Art.” Literally. The game has been in free-to-play early access on Steam since November 2018, and it’s already been expanded heavily, with collaborative building, 20M square meters of exhibit area, an art portal, and an AI that learns your “individual tastes in art and shows you art you’ll like, even if you don’t know what art you like.”

Bbut now, developer StikiPixels is gunning for Kickstarter funding. A lot of it, in fact: The studio is seeking $121,152 US to “take it to the next level,” by adding new art, polish, content, features, and a lengthy roadmap that includes art uploading, freeform placement, and a platform for all internet artists. The Kickstarter runs through April 21st.

Source: Kickstarter, Steam. Thanks, taradyne!
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