Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 46 and Lost Gatekeepers adventure pack hit the test server


Dungeons and Dragons Online fans eager to see update 46 are in for a treat this week, as Standing Stone Games has released the first preview of the update on the Lamannia server.

“Preview 1 of Update 46 is open! It is expected to remain open until sometime in the late afternoon (Eastern) of Thursday March 19th,” the studio announced on the official forums last night. “There will be a dev event on Wednesday March 18th from 8-10 PM Eastern where members of the DDO team will be available to collect feedback and answer questions in real time on Lamannia.”

So what’s in it? New named loot, character and item tweaks, and a few quest changes, but the big addition in the Lost Gatekeepers Adventure Pack.

“Update 46 is expected to contain a new adventure pack named “The Lost Gatekeepers”. All five of the below quests are available for preview. Talk to the Questgiver NPC in Test Dojo and he’ll send you to the quest arc giver in the Gatekeeper’s Grove. If you are not a VIP you can find the “The Lost Gatekeepers” adventure pack in the DDO store and can gain DDO points from Lord Poincelot to purchase the adventure pack.”

Source: Official forums, pack. Thanks, DDOCentral!

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This adventure pack is the first part of the upcoming Feywild expansion’s story. A “mysterious hut” suddenly dropped from the sky and landed in Stormreach Harbor, falling on the wicked witch (her legs are visible at the back of the cottage).


Sounds like fun, nice to see DDO keeping some humour in the game. what will be the level range 3 and 32?


Yes, according to the Lamannia release notes.