Fortnite’s latest update adds helicopters and a Spy Games LTM


There’s been an update to Fortnite this week and it’s brought with it a variety of updates and new features including the addition of helicopters to the battle royale map and a new LTM that extends this season’s spy vs. spy motif.

The LTM is known as Spy Games, which challenges players with finding Intel to unlock a wide variety of unlocks such as weapons, items, and more importantly some unique buffs like the ability to move faster when crouched, regain some health after taking damage, double jump, or faster reload among other buffs.

This new update has also brought on the Choppa, a new helicopter that’s hiding on the map in one of several different locations. Because if there’s anything else I trust in my multiplayer shooter, it’s the VTOL flying capabilities of a complete random stranger.

There are other things added too, such as new items and a wide variety of bug fixes for Creative Mode, a number of bug fixes for Battle Royale, and a couple of interesting map changes such as the freshly blown-up Oil Rig. There have even been a number of updates to Save the World mode, with a new hero, the return of the Cram Session mini-event, and more. The unofficial patch notes can be found here, while update details for Save the World are on the official site.


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Kind of a downgrade from the fighter jets and mechs they already had in the game at one point.