Lord of the Rings Online spruces up its spring festival

Lord of the Rings Online spruces up its spring festival

With all that’s going on, it might be easy to forget that spring is here — and with it, Lord of the Rings Online’s spring festival.

The festivities start again today and will run through April 14th, giving players plenty of time to earn event tokens to spend on a wide variety of rewards. This year, Standing Stone Games has added more cosmetics to the barter vendors, including an elk mount, a shrewmouse house, ivy housing decor, and a trio of pets. Anyone want an angry goose at their side as they waddle into Mordor?

If you’re looking for the best way to maximize your time as you stomp shrews, eat pies, and run the hedge maze, FibroJedi has an incredibly comprehensive guide up for you to peruse.

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Raimo Kangasniemi

I have been at LotRO for three weeks now and an update means that the entire game has to be repaired aka downloaded again, as launcher gives “connecting to patch server” stuck at 33 %, “an update error occurred” and throws out of the game during entering instanced area or during fast travel – or, like happened to me, during one of the irritating postal delivery quests in the Shire. “Connexion has been lost”. I like being back, but I don’t enjoy downloading the game again after doing it last week and have already come to dread an update to the game.