Fallout 76’s free stuff, Population Zero’s giveaway, and Hearthstone’s private events

I send-a the calzone into space! I don't pay-a the taxes! Oh!

A very slight but real silver lining of the global situation is that many game studios are using this opportunity to throw all sorts of promotions players’ way (which is, of course, self-serving but no less welcome). Fallout 76 can’t get Wastelanders out the door any earlier, but as a consolation prize, it’s handing out free mystery items in the Atom shop and turning on double XP for the weekend.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Population Zero are launching a #GamesVersusVirus campaign by keeping us occupied with 10,000 closed beta keys going out into the community for fans who complete five tasks to help promote the title. Wait, did we say that these were JUST beta keys? Oh, they’ll also get you a free copy of the game when it launches on May 5th too!

The Hearthstone team made the obvious decision to nix public events for the time being, but it is still keeping “private event functionality intact” in preparation of the pre-release weekend for the expansion.

Finally, a word of encouragement from EVE Online:


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Well guess that’s a good enough excuse to redownload Fallout 76 ahead of Wastelanders.