Old School RuneScape discusses buy-in fee removal and other changes to Last Man Standing


For the PvP player of Old School RuneScape, there are perhaps fewer finer joys than the Last Man Standing competition. Or, at least, fewer finer sources of aggravation. In either case, this year’s version of the mode will be seeing a number of changes, most important of which is the end of the buy-in fee, though those who want to still feel that tension of losing gold can enter the High Stakes worlds.

Additionally, players who show no signs of valid progression within a Last Man Standing session will become attackable while in combat with other players. This change is an effort to combat “boxing,” which is an exploit where two players fistfight for the duration of the game, dealing no damage to one another but also making them unable to be targeted by other players. Some PvP’ers would probably call that “tactical thinking” and not an exploit, but either way, the practice is now dead.

Lastly, Bloody and Bloodier Keys now have a chance to give players mithril seeds which will only be usable in the minigame. The update also has other PvP-minded details PvP world rotations and a number of other updates, so those might be worth a look-see.


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