TERA brings the Forsaken Island dungeon to console after more than two weeks of delay

Time is on someone's side.

So hey, TERA console players, you remember that Forsaken Souls update? The one that was supposed to bring a new dungeon to romp around in? The one that got delayed due to technical issues? Well, that part of the update is now available to play.

Just in case you forgot since it’s been better than two weeks, the Forsaken Island was the party piece of the update, which challenges players to face off against the cursed aristocrat Desolarus in his ooky spooky manor. The dungeon promises three bosses to fight including Desolarus himself, and features rewards like Phantom Armor cosmetic items in normal mode and a ghost pig mount in hard mode.

This dungeon arrives with all of the other stuff already in the update like auto-fishing and faction quest updates. In case you need a refresher, here are the patch notes and a cinematic look at the new dungeon in the video below.

sources: press release, official forums


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