Torchlight III shuts a yappy cat’s mouth


Not every patch is going to be a content delivery system from the gods; sometimes you have to make do with a custodian patch that comes along to sweep, fix, and polish what came before. The latter is what Torchlight III players are getting with the March 17th alpha patch. At least it’s doing us all a service by putting a muzzle on a particular vocal feline.

“This week’s update is mostly focused on bug fixes and small updates,” the studio posted. “A problem with the Mapworks quest has been addressed that was not allowing players to pick up quest collectibles, Power Rewards have been added to Contracts, Ember Cores can now be destroyed, and it was reported that the cat pet ‘talked too much,’ so with this update, that is meowlonger the case.”

In our Not So Massively column a few weeks back, Tyler wrestled with Torchlight III’s transition away from being an MMO. “I think the conversion from MMO to Torchlight III is more bad than good, and I do find myself a bit disappointed. I won’t necessarily miss the multiplayer aspects, but it’s always sad to see a developer back off from innovative designs,” he said.

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I’m obsessed with cats. I love them more than anything on the planet. I love everything about them. Meows are my happy song.

And yet in this game, the meows annoyed even me. They weren’t cute little meows. They were loud, annoying noises. It was like an upset distressed Siamese cat going to the vet. And they were constant, oh so constant. The things meowed absolutely non-stop.

If they can get a crazy cat-obsessed person to be annoyed by the cat meows, I can’t imagine how other people felt about it.

Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long to fix it. I complained about it back in Frontiers testing days. I guess it takes a lot more than one person to complain before they get to stuff though :P Not a lot of people had cat pets back then either I guess. That and they had more important fixes to get to first.

It may sound silly but it was actually a pretty annoying issue for people who wanted to use a cat for a pet haha :D It very much did need changing up before the game was released.