Co-op RPG Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff is too much stuff for you to handle


Besides having a name that is giving our editor conniptions, Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff is charming fans into opening their wallets for this adorable co-op open-world title. Slated to come out later this year, Swords ‘n Magic just launched a Kickstarter campaign that’s already raised pretty much all of the $21,950 that the developer was asking.

“Explore a large, densely populated open world alone or with friends,” the developer wrote. “Swords ‘n Magic is a casual journey of discovery. You play a blank slate adventurer just waiting for you to carve out a destiny for them. With no classes, levels or restrictions, you can be whoever you want to be, use whatever weapons and items you can buy, loot or craft, and play however you wish.”

This small indie project was initially born out of a desire for the developer to make a game that his wife and daughter would enjoy. He and the one other dev structured the game around the core concepts of “exploration, discovery, curiosity, and growth,” with a relaxed gameplay loop. Multiplayer was added into the game last fall and proved to be a major hit with players, allowing people to host their own servers and adventure with anyone they wish without having to reroll.

So why Kickstarter? The lead developer’s wife was recently laid off from her job, and so engaging in crowdfunding is a way to support their family while continuing to make the game without having to rush it to completion. That’s a pretty worthy cause for a pretty cute game, if you ask us!


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The name is a bit annoying :P

Still, I’d like to get in on this one. Hmm, the Early Bird editions are all gone. I think I’ll knock it up a notch for this one anyway for some higher rewards.

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Looks neat. I’m game.

Mikey's Bored

looks good!

Robert Foster

Looks cool but I’ll pass on Kickstarter. Too much fraud.


Phhhfftt… It’s not that difficult to do some searching and find out if a game is too good to be true or is a realistic goal. You can see how much of it is developed already, what they’re trying to do, if there is a company behind it or a person that is known and legitimate, etc.

Writing off all Kickstarters because of some fraud is like a person who wants to be in a relationship writing them all off because some don’t work out.

Just be more careful, don’t go all in to start, learn about the project. Writing off all crowd-funding because of some fraud is silly. There are a lot of really nice projects we get made through the crowd-funding system still.

There is all sorts of fraud happening online, do you do absolutely no business online because of it? No, most of us just become careful in the business we choose to do online rather than writing it completely off.

Do what you want with your own money, but crowd-funding is still a legitimate way a lot of this stuff gets made or finished.

Fraudulent projects are usually spotted and pointed out by others doing the research into them now too. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose if it goes belly up. But if you use your own head and judgment and do a little research, that isn’t likely to happen anyway.

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John Buczek

Wow this looks great and is EXACTLY the sort of game I’ve been looking for. Not So Massively online group to play with friends. Exploration and quests. 4-pack backed right away. Hope it does really well.