Dauntless introduces a new Escalation mode, new monster, and new cosmetics in the Scorched Earth update


Yesterday saw Dauntless kick out what it touts as one of its largest updates of the year, and it’s only March. The Scorched Earth update is indeed sizeable though, as it introduces a fiery new Blaze Escalation, an updated and revamped battle pass, and lest we forget, a gorilla made of lava.

Said lava gorilla is the Torgadoro, a hulking Behemoth made of hard rock, hot lava fists, and an alarming amount of agility and speed from what can be gleaned. This update has also brought a new Hunt Pass with several changes to how it works as well as some new cosmetic items to earn, and the new Blaze Escalation that introduces some new flame-enhanced versions of existing monsters. This mode is also where the aforementioned lava gorilla hangs out, just in case you’ve forgotten that’s a thing.

The update has brought a number of other adjustments and features as well, which are all outlined in the patch notes. You can also check out the sizzle reel (hah!) below for a peek at the Torgadoro and other features.

source: press release


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