Fractured’s next round of alpha testing adds social features, new abilities, and stealth gameplay


In what’s likely a happy surprise for backers of the sandbox MMORPG Fractured, the next round of alpha testing is going to introduce a whole lot more features than what was originally planned. Hurray for efficiency!

So just what’s new this round of alpha? A wide variety of social features like parties, guilds, and land ownership will be available to test, as well as a new starting area to ease fresh arrivals into the mechanics of the game, a number of new abilities for several classes and some new critters to test them out on (for science), and a new stealth mechanics that lets players be sneaky, provided they don’t run out of time on a countdown timer for being discovered when near enemies.

This next alpha build will be available for a minimum of two weeks starting on Wednesday, March 25th. As before, this alpha is only available to those who’ve bought in to Fractured with a Legend founder’s pack. If you’re among those supporters, the announcement post has details on these new features and a number of other changes.

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