Ragnarok Online EU increases the level cap and adds Transcendent classes


The European version of Ragnarok Online, which readers will recall changed hands from Whybe Online to Innova last year, is launching a new update that will let players reach new heights of power thanks to an increased level cap and advanced Transcendent classes, which confer new skills, items, and even appearance.

For those players who love to world first things, there’s even a unique reward for players who hit the new character advancement caps. The first player to reach 99/70 after Rebirth will get a unique Crown named after their character and a significant refinement bonus for that character’s weapon and armor, while the first player to get 99/70 level in their Transcendent class will receive a Crown of Glory and the refinement bonus as well.

The update has also brought on two high-level dungeons in the form of the ancient robot-infested ruins of Jumeros and the third level of the abysmal Bio Laboratory, as well as a boost to earned XP the more people that are together in a party, up to 133% for a party of 12. In addition, this version of Ragnarok Online will also be providing a 25% boost to XP to all players between now and March 23rd. Make sure to check out the patch notes for more information.

source: press release

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Bruno Brito



Wow, I didn’t realize the EU version was that far behind.


This is the third iteration of EU servers. They shut down twice before.