Star Citizen shows off a new contextual UI element, new weapons, and more of its prison


Even though the novel coronavirus has caused most of the folks at CIG to work from home, the Star Citizen devs are still kicking out their regular update pieces, such as this week’s usual video update, which is granting players a look at a new radial UI element arriving in alpha 3.9 that should make contextual actions a lot easier to get to.

For the most part, many of the things a player character is capable of doing is done by keybinds or through some form of nearby interaction known only by holding the F key. With the Inner Thought UI element, these functions are now in a radial UI. It’s here that players will find a number of categories for functions like emotes, interaction options for the environment, and even some functionality for ship functions like mining mode, scan mode, or other ship systems. Players will even get to rebind certain actions by right-clicking over the given action and selecting “rebind.”

The video then went into a sprint report, which granted a preview of several other things like more looks at the Klescher Prison location and the suit criminal players will be required to wear, a new SMG, pistol, and a sniper rifle that shoots freakin’ electricity at people, higher level terrain maps, and even a detailed look at a location in Squadron 42.

source: YouTube
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