Guild Wars 2 prepares a legendary armory for legendary use as the studio adopts work-from-home policy


Here’s a shot of really great news for legendary crafters in Guild Wars 2: This week, ArenaNet announced that it is going to introduce a legendary armory feature into the MMO to allow players to share their treasured possessions across their entire accounts.

The studio said that the system should promote the use and benefits of legendary equipment, make it easier to swap these items between characters, and integrate better into the equipment template.

In other ArenaNet news, the studio posted a note saying that the studio building has been closed since March 6th due to the coronavirus, with its employees working from home. “In the meantime, ArenaNet and NCSOFT employees are working together to ensure everyone has what they need to continue development and manage releases while the team works remotely. We’re making steady progress on all our planned Guild Wars 2 releases, and we’ll keep everyone up to date if that changes,” ArenaNet said. This confirms our earlier reporting on the status of the companies.

Source: Guild Wars 2

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Alessa Estrada

At least a reason to make my legendary equipment for the first time lol




I’m really pleased with the pace of development and refinement of these QoL features.


ANet, for whatever their other failings, have always been good at identifying and removing these sorts of “pinch points” for players. Weren’t they the first to build the shared crafting bank and crafting that auto-draws from it? At least AFAIK.