The Daily Grind: Have you ever been hit by an MMO banhammer?


When I wrote the above question, I had to sit back for a long minute to think over the two-plus decades of my MMO gaming to think about whether I could answer “yes” to it. I think that the worst I ever experienced was getting slapped with a 24-hour suspension once in World of Warcraft. I don’t recall what it was over; I was probably fomenting rebellion or something.

It’s a weird discussion topic today, but I’m genuinely curious. Have you ever been smacked by an MMO banhammer? What was it over — and was it deserved? Was it in-game or in the MMO’s forums? Did you come back to the game afterward or allow yourself to get propelled into other titles as a substitute?

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I once got banned from the Elder Scrolls Online forum for posting that it should probably be disclosed that Class Reps were receiving free content / in game items in relation to potential bias in opinions (wasn’t rude or negative just raised the point).

No real changes in my gameplay in game, just a engage less in trying to assist improve the game / provide feedback.

Never from any game.

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I was hit by a banhammer wave in Aion. AFAIK, I hadn’t done anything wrong and when I appealed, they reinstated me without ever saying a word about the whole thing.

I was temporarily banned in the GW2 Forums. I guess it was for voicing an unwanted opinion? I had followed the rules.


Never have got banned or even get warning.

K8 D

Once in FF14 for bringing up installimg a mod to parse to my friend in PM. She played dumb and later told me on voice chat that they monitor those messages and temp ban. Yep.
The other was 3 hour ban in WoW for a character name (just a dumb monk pun that was too sexual)… 40 mins before raid… oops.

Adam Russell

Never got banned or suspended but I did get a warning for spamming the bank area in WOW with ascii art. I was behind the bank and didnt realize everyone could still see it. Then got another warning in EQ forums for calling someone a troll, even though I edited it like 2 minutes after it was posted.

Chosenxeno .

Not in game but I’m very proud of the work I’ve done on Forums. Latest Achievement: Getting Banned on Astellia’s Steam Hub. To be fair that guy really shouldn’t be clicking in 2020. I’m sorry. I WON’T STAND FOR IT!


Never in a game, only on forums. I can be very vocal about games I love. I had been perma-banned several times from the SWG forums by Garva just to have Smed & Paul (Virago) Williams overturn each ban. I was banned once on Archage forums but it was overturned by Scott Hartsman. I was even banned once on the LotRO forums but even that was overturned to the displeasure of Sapience.

It helps to be on friendly terms with the company leader’s.


I got banned in WoW for reporting a bot.
After writing a pretty angry reply to customer support, where I seriously questioned their competence; a few days later I got a short reply from head of customer service “Your account has been unlocked”, no explanation or apology.
The bot obviously didn’t get banned and botted away happily ever after (at least I saw it two months later in the same place).

Also got a 1 point warning on mmorpg dot com for calling Black Desert online “Barbie Doll online”, filed under trolling .. I filed it as lack of humor, and wondered for all the opinionated comments I made, this was the one that got picked out :D


My Rift forum account mysteriously lost the ability to post but I never was told I was banned. It just stopped being able to post anything all of a sudden. I might have complained a little too hard about the state of the game after the first expansion.


I got banned during the release of Age of Conan for “exploiting terrain”. At the time the game was _horribly_ unbalanced with exploiters duping and stacking gems. Heaven forbid me jump on top of a building that literally everyone knew how to get on top of and delay my one shot death by .2 seconds.