Strategy MMO AD2460 comes back one last time for its fifteenth cycle


AD2460, the browser-based strategy MMO from developer Fifth Season, was all set to close up shop last year, but readers will recall that the announcement left the potential for the game to return as a possibility. And return it has, as the title is back online and its fifteenth playable cycle is now underway.

This new cycle, subtitled Entropy, features a new auto-rebuild feature, over 37 available techpoints, dual-teching, some apparent twists to balance, and the promise of “a surprise or two.” It also sounds like the absolute last official cycle for the game, calling it a “last hurrah” and “grand finale” in the announcement post.

The current cycle runs between now and June 14th. As for what happens after the fact, it would seem to be anyone’s guess; maybe it will actually go dark this time around, or maybe it will be so punk that it decides to keep its lights on and make things in-game crazy. Get it? Because entropy?

source: official site, with thanks to Christian for the tip!

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