World of Warcraft shows even more flexibility with its essence system

Fine, whatever.

We all know that getting Blizzard to be flexible is like slathering Bengay onto your arthritic grandparent and urging them to join you in calisthenics. Yet sometimes the old timer will surprise you, as evidenced by the studio’s recent pivot away from its very alt-unfriendly essence system to something that works with how players actually engage with World of Warcraft.

Six jumping jacks, two deep knee-lunges, and a swift hula-hoop motion later, and Blizz is limbering up even more. The studio just made a “significant update” to the Echoes of Ny’alotha system to allow for more role flexibility with players and their alts. “With this change, we’ve lifted the restrictions on acquiring role-specific Azerite Essences from MOTHER,” the studio said. “Now, the various ways that you obtain Rank 3 tanking, healing, or damage-specific Essences are now grouped together.”

This allows players to play whatever role they want to while beign able to purchase off-role essences. And since those essences are now unlocked account-wide, it’s a win for everyone — except for Blizzard’s aching joints.


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2Ton Gamer

When your article gets hijacked by your elderly analogy.. XD

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Are you sure it was the Bengay and not the turning blue and fainting?

Dankey Kang

arthritic grandparent

Pretty much the best way to sum up World of Warcraft.

Danny Smith

Ah we are once again in the “we were as usual too proud to admit our systems faults but now content productions over and the expansions in its burn phase pls come back baby we can change!” part of the modern blizzard “developers who sees consumers as antagonists rather than a userbase to please” cycle. I thought i heard the geese flying overhead this morning.


“Six jumping jacks, two deep knee-lunges, and a swift hula-hoop motion later, and Blizz is limbering up even more.”

Did they ever get their dance studio?


Oh Blizzard. Too little too late.


Not sure why they thought locking the essences behind roles was a good idea to begin with.

Franklin Adams

Focus groups and surveys (invariably involving people who either never played the game or had their last contact with it around 2006) told them it was what people wanted. And it never hurts to always remember the MMO Executive Producer and Director’s mantra: “Players love it and It’s the best thing ever!”

If you say that to yourself enough times you might just start to believe it.



*Puts the left foot over the right pigtail while a sitar is quietly playing in the background*

…yep I do this every morning! So I appreciate when they do this in the game I play!

*Then puts the right pigtail under the left foot*

Despite being Gnome, I’m a real Simone Bile…


…I think I’ll go lie down like this now. :(

Rick Mills

I just re-rolled an alt (Demon Hunter – first one) and I’m having a blast!
I’m not sure exactly whats different, but I’m enjoying the storyline, quests and the quirky playstyle of the DH :)

Jaymes Buckman

For life, man! Gliding alone is enough.


Sorry, way to little and way to late. These suits and developers always seem to be six months to a year behind the curve.