APB: Reloaded accidentally lets a player into its engine upgrade beta and talks more about the actual beta

Happiness is a warm gun.

Players of APB: Reloaded have been patiently awaiting the game’s long-awaited engine upgrade, but as with any sort of big update not everyone is actually awaiting all that patiently. So it was kind of a big deal when a player managed to slip into the game’s test version and capture screenshots of the 2.1 update running in any capacity, which prompted CEO Matt Scott to pipe up about the state of development as well as addressing the screenshots themselves.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that he confirmed that a player got in without being permitted… but said player also identified the method and contacted the developers to fix it, so Scott is neither removing the screenshots nor penalizing the player in question. Instead, Scott went on to explain that the current test has just a handful of issues and is planning to let players in to beta test it very soon, with just eight more bugs to fix up assuming no other major issues. He also noted that size is a bit of an issue, as the team needs to make sure that the server can handle 500+ players logging in, but it’s a clear sign that this upgrade is coming sooner rather than later.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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I honestly thought the PC version was dead in the water. They announced the engine upgrade years ago and then went silent on the subject. Pretty impressed with how gracefully they handled the leak.

I hope the upgrade also brings better anticheat, I stopped playing because I was tired of being sniped with a low range SMG.


Honestly impressed with the way this was handled. Other companies likely would have at least taken down the screenshots if not taken action against the player even with them reporting it. Little Orbit continues to be awesome if a bit slow and small. I can’t wait for some Fallen Earth news.


Considering that the test is still under an NDA, I definitely would have asked for the screenshots to be removed and taken them down places I was able if I was the company. That isn’t a bad thing to do when they don’t want any information released yet. They’re trying to keep strict control over it and someone sneaks in and takes a bunch of screenshots. I would not think anything negative about the company for having those screenshots removed.

As for the Grey Hat stuff, I wouldn’t punish the player of course (unless they were asked to remove the screenshots and wouldn’t). Actually Grey Hats are constantly doing this kind of stuff and reporting it to the various companies getting things fixed and patched.

We normally only hear about it when either the company won’t fix the hole after someone has been trying to get it fixed a long time and so the person releases the info to the public in order to get something done, or when the company actually does punish the person for reporting the information. We hear about it when people get punished because it’s a ridiculous thing to do to them when the player is reporting the issue and helping to get it fixed.

Usually, the companies fix the issue and thank the Grey Hat for pointing it out and don’t do anything more than that. That’s why we usually don’t hear about it :D So really most of the time the company does not punish the player, the vast majority of the time, it’s just that we just don’t hear anything about it to know what has gone on. So most companies wouldn’t have taken action against the player. That is a few and far in-between thing (and a dumb thing to do at that, people still test the system, punishing them just makes it so people won’t report stuff to get it fixed).