Revelation Online’s Skyward World is live today with the new progression system


While the Book of Enchantments sounds a bit like an old ’80s high fantasy Muppet show (that I would totally watch by the way), in Revelation Online, it’s a form of character progression that’s live today with the Skyward World update.

These new enchantments will provide a number of benefits like improved attack or defense, increased maximum HP, or upgrades to crit. Those who want to get these enchantments must find Guardian Enchantment materials through specific PvE encounters or Imperial Society Enchantments from a variety of PvP sources. Enchantments come in three different tiers, and improving the tier of a certain enchantment requires players to either using Enchantment Glyphs or the correct type of Enchantment Fragments. Enchantments can also be equipped in Trinities, which bring added bonuses for certain combinations of three enchantments.

This new progression system has a lot of moving parts to it, so interested players should look over the announcement post to get a heads-up on how it all works, what enchantments do what, and which Trinities are now available.

“Skyward World unlocks the Skyfeather Kingdom: Voras, a world beyond the clouds full of mysteries to uncover and adventures to be had. The story continues with the War of the Wardens, where you will travel through 1,600 years of time and space to prevent catastrophe. Be wary, as the shadow of the City of the Demon Gods – home to a hellish 10-player raid and a horde of wicked lieutenants – looms large in Nuanor’s distant past, and could spell eternal doom for its future…”


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At least these devs are pretending to care about keeping their game alive. CoughRIFTcough.

Dug From The Earth

Despite this games super fun movement system, and semi ok combat, I had forgot how just uttlerly in shambles the rest of the game is. Its BARELY localized for the west… cutscenes, tutorials, voice overs… all in chinese. While it makes for some very pretty screenshots, their implementation of the graphics engine is very janky… with lots of pop-in, and worse, complete color shifting for no apparent reason.

Not to mention just an absurd focuse on grind and meaningless system of levels. You hit level 9 in the game within the first 15 minutes of doing nothing but moving around and talking to NPCs. I gained 1 whole level from attacking a TARGET DUMMY.