RuneScape releases the Zodi-yak Track and digs into Archaeology in a livestream


RuneScape is looking both into the dirt and at the stars with this week’s series of news updates. As of today, players of the MMORPG should be seeing the new Yak Track online which is themed around the zodiac signs of Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini. This Yak Track is also different in that it will introduce joint tasks, which allow players to complete the same task with their choice of two different skills. The Zodi-yak Track is available to complete between now and Sunday, May 3rd.

Speaking of what’s new in RuneScape today, there’s another patch; however, there are no patch notes this time around. What is new is that the total skill level checks for first-time user experience achievements are now a one-off login check (which should alleviate login issues players were having), and objects that players were not meant to see (aka dummy objects) are no longer in the Grand Exchange search filters.

Finally, a livestream from March 11th provided a comprehensive look at Archaeology, which touched on a great deal of this new skill, from excavation to restoration of artifacts to a look at the 120 Skillscape and more. Speaking of Archaeology, the Zodi-yak Track will introduce Archaeology tasks in the second week, so those eager to dive into excavation sites won’t feel like they have to put the Yak Track progression on hold. You can check out that hour-long look below.


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