Saga of Lucimia shows off over two hours of stage three alpha gameplay


If you’ve got time to kill (and most of us do) and are following the progress of Saga of Lucimia, then the developers have a treat in store for you in the form of a lengthy alpha three gameplay showcase, with over two and a half hours’ worth of play time demonstrated.

The stream itself is full of looks at how Saga of Lucimia is coming along, as well as some general mechanics information. For instance, there are no maps in the game, and while there is a trait that players can unlock to help them get a general sense of where they are directionally, players are being advised to pay attention to quest text, flavor text, and NPC instructions, as that will provide guidance on where things are. It also showed off the importance of campfires, which helps players recover hit points and stamina more quickly, though players will need a specific Survival trait unlocked.

There is also a point where Saga of Lucimia’s death mechanic is explained, which is moving away from corpse runs and instead imposes a healable penalty to HP and stamina and forces players to find their dropped inventory; the equipment your character is wearing will still be on them, and they can still fight monsters and gain experience points, but any items or coin they had previously is unavailable until their backpack is located (which, mercifully, can’t be picked up by any other player since Lucimia is a PvE title). At this point, you have two choices: Go out and locate your missing stuff, or right-click a UI element and forfeit the inventory, losing everything inside but getting an empty inventory space back. This system is meant to emphasize strategy, careful thinking, and (more importantly) adventuring with friends who can help and heal.

At one point in the stream, the devs answered the question of incentive for pre-ordering the game, more specifically the fact that there aren’t any in-game items for the various tiers. That’s by design: The devs would rather have its art team focus on creating assets for the game itself instead of assets for in-game items or cash shop items, which also explains why Saga of Lucimia is a subscription-based game.

There is a lot to take in with this broadcast, so make sure to get comfortable and take a peek for yourself.

source: YouTube
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