Skyforge postpones its anniversary, gives a month of free subscription


Not even tinpot gods can make everything in the game universe bend to their will — when delays happen, they have to sit on their thumbs like the rest of us.

So it is with the ascending deities of Skyforge, who were promised a late March anniversary “expansion” but will now have to wait until early April to engage in the fun. This delay is due to — what else? — the coronavirus and its impact on the working conditions of the team. The anniversary update is scheduled for April 8th (PC) and 9th (console), bringing with it the invasion atlas, the Wakan divine form, nightmare challenges, Aelion Day, and a Phytonide invasion.

In the meanwhile, the dev team has turned on a boost to give 25% more credits and knowledge and is offering a 30-day premium account for free to everyone who claims it in the store. A month of free sub time? Yes please, and pass the butter!

Source: Skyforge

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Dug From The Earth

I had forgot how way out in left field this game went with its systems and mechanics.

Coming back to it after a couple years, it seems completely foreign and complex to me trying to pick up where I left off on my character. Nothing fits that normal mmorpg structure. Not the combat, progression, or much of anything. I couldnt even figure out where I was supposed to go to start questing/fighting things because not only is it vastly different in this game, but apparently they massively changes things with patches over time.

Kinda frustrating really… what ever business people on their end are making decisions, probably need to rethink their jobs. The number of returning players who end up staying returned, is probably at an all time low for the game in comparison with other mmos