Trove’s latest PTS update brings an infinite dungeon


Things are about to get endless in Trove thanks to the introduction of delves, a combination of Geode’s caverns with procedural generation to create an endless combat experience. An infinite dungeon, you might say.

Like most endless dungeons, it’s a matter of hopping in with a group, completing objectives, and slaying a boss to go deeper into the delve and face bigger challenges. These objectives can be anything from slaying specific or all enemies, gathering ore or crystals, and activating a number of Monoliths and slaying the summoned creatures. Delves will also introduce a variety of modifiers like ones that make enemies only take damage in melee range, have reduced health and take extra damage, or increased or reduced Darkness among many others.

There are three different types of delve queues — public, private, and challenge — and delve parties can hit a maximum of eight. Should members of the group die, they can be resurrected by their allies, but should you choose to Release, the time it takes to do so starts at five seconds and increases by five seconds with every subsequent death. Choosing to Release takes you back to the beginning of the delve tier, where an Intra-Delve Transport will let you get back to the furthest cleared room. Incidentally, clearing a room will “checkpoint” it for later fast travel.

This feature is currently in the PTS in order to test how easy or hard delves are with random groups and fine-tune the feature’s balance. With that in mind, Trove fans may want to hop in and delve as deep as possible, get all of the details in the linked patch notes, or take a peek at this new content thanks to previews from YouTuber Scyushi, which we’ve embedded below.



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