Wisdom of Nym: Expected expansion features still unseen in Final Fantasy XIV


We’re still not into the period of time in which we’ll learn about patch 5.3 for Final Fantasy XIV. Indeed, there’s a lot of life left in this expansion right now. But we already do know some of the things we can expect because… well, the way that FFXIV expansions work is a pretty well-known formula at this point. No one is going to be surprised when we get a new dungeon in each of the next three patches; heck, no one is even questioning that we will get three new patches.

Of course, the one part that is up in the air are some things which are featured parts of every expansion thus far but have yet to show up even in previews. So today I want to look at some of those features, where they might turn up or what form they might take, and how likely it is that we’ll see them after all. That’s right, it’s more speculation!

Deeper than deep.

Deep Dungeon, round three

Ever since this got added midway through Heavensward, players have been down for the Deep Dungeon. In Heavensward, it was continually going down through the Palace of the Dead. In Stormblood, we climbed up through Heaven-on-High. And in Shadowbringers… well, we just don’t know at all yet! But we all kind of expect we’re getting this, and I tend to agree with that speculation.

The big question, for me, is just a matter of where. It was pretty obvious that Heaven-on-High was going to be used for something, so using it for the endless dungeon made perfect sense. This time, though, it’s a bit more ambiguous about where it will be, especially if we assume that Stormblood was setting a precedent by having it located within the expansion instead of an old area.

If we don’t have to have it on the First, of course, there are honestly a fair number of options, including the various small islands off the coast of Limsa Lominsa, the potential pathways in the Burning Wall in Thanalan, or even the winding paths beneath the Crystal Tower in Mor Dhona. On the First, though… there are more Ronkan ruins possible, although that’d make Rak’tika start feeling a bit crowded. There’s also the side mines around Malikah’s Well, or the many buildings in the depths of Amaurot in the Tempest.

Any of the above would make sense to me. Which ones we’ll actually get… well, I don’t know just yet. But I look forward to finding out, which will probably be with teasing once 5.3 previews hit.

Mander-mander-mander &c

Hildibrand Returns After Previous Returning

Actually, I feel like this one might not happen at all. But maybe it will.

Hildibrand’s quests are usually the comic relief for a given expansion; while they’re far from the only funny thing happening, they’re always directly pitched to be more silly and amusing compared to other sidequests and the game’s general tone. However, he’s also very much an occupant of the Source, and one of the general unwritten rules of Hildibrand quests is that nothing within them is actually allowed to break the rules of the world. Everything that happens within them is still real.

So while Godbert Manderville is an absurd nudist with a ridiculous hammer and a penchant for goldsmithing and is played for laughs in the Hildibrand storyline, he’s… still all of that outside of it. The man runs the Gold Saucer, he shows up in the MSQ, he’s still a known presence. This means that Hildibrand showing up on the First would require some explanation, and it’s not immediately clear if any could feel appropriate without breaking the continuity a bit.

Then again… given that 5.3 seems lined up to solve the Scion’s travel problems, perhaps that coincides with a chance for Hildibrand to wind up in the Crystarium and offer the people of the First his unique brand of problem-solving (which generally is more like problem-causing). It’ll be interesting to see if it happens; we definitely could use a little more humor after the bleakness that this story has overall marinated in.

Like these guys.

Our next beast tribe

We expect three beast tribe reputations. We’ve usually had three beast tribe reputations. The sole exception was in the pre-expansion game, and that was when we were getting a tribe for all of the five tribes already flitting around Eorzea; that situation just isn’t comparable to any of the expansions, which thus far have featured three. But Shadowbringers has already broken up the usual pattern because instead of two combat lines and a crafting line, we have one combat line, one gathering line, and… we don’t know.

On the one hand, this expansion thus far has definitely been heavy on the content for crafting. The whole Ishgardian Restoration setup has ensured that crafters have plenty to do, so it would make a certain amount of sense if there’s not a crafting-only set of daily quests later on down the line. At the same time, the daily rewards from the pixie quests are already substantial; it could be that we’re going to have one crafting, one gathering, and one combat line to split things up more evenly.

The other question is where we’d even find one. It seems like having the dwarves already serving as a focal point for the NieR crossover means that they’re not really suited for being our crafting line, but in terms of existing groups that just leaves the Ondo… and while there are definitely differences between them and the Source fish tribe, they don’t feel substantial enough to justify a completely different lineup.

Adding the Qitari has made it clear that we can get new tribes coming in from off-camera, to be fair. While we get hints about the Namazu during the Qitari line, I doubt they’ll be back to just be the crafting tribe again; more to the point, it would be weird (again) to have another quest line dealing with a beast tribe we already know on the Source. It’s certainly possible we could be surprised with some other option, though, as the First may very well have Goblins, Gigases, or even some other tribe heretofore without parallels on the Source…

The price isn't nice, though.

More crafting and custom deliveries

Have I mentioned that this has been a craft-heavy expansion? Because it has. But crafting content is at its best when it covers a broad spectrum of options, and that includes custom deliveries with new clients. We got a grand total of three through Stormblood, so I kind of expect another one in 5.3 as well, along with one more tier of crafting gear.

If the next beast tribe is indeed a crafting tribe, that last tier will probably tie into the quest line; otherwise, though, it might just as easily tie in with Ishgard Restoration (which the Skysteel Tools line is implied to be linked with). It’s even possible that we’ll get the same basic progression with crafting gear that we get with combat gear, with another set raising the cap even further once 5.4 rolls around. That does seem a touch off, though; Facet gear was 5.1, but adding another set in 5.5 seems like it would have a limited shelf life if it alternates compared to combat gear…

Still, I’m hoping we get some custom deliveries that touch on some characters I like better than Kai-Shirr. He’s kind of a whiny git.

Feedback, as always, is welcome in the comments below or via mail to eliot@massivelyop.com. Next week, let’s talk about what might seem like a weird question – do we even need any more jobs in the game?

The Nymian civilization hosted an immense amount of knowledge and learning, but so much of it has been lost to the people of Eorzea. That doesn’t stop Eliot Lefebvre from scrutinizing Final Fantasy XIV each week in Wisdom of Nym, hosting guides, discussion, and opinions without so much as a trace of rancor.

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“This means that Hildibrand showing up on the First would require some explanation, and it’s not immediately clear if any could feel appropriate without breaking the continuity a bit”.

Didn’t the last Hildibrand quest literally end with him and Gilgamesh entering a dimensional portal? I don’t think it’d be too big of a stretch for him to show up.


This is what I was thinking. The ending of Stormblood Hildibrand quests pretty much set it up to be able to take place in in the First


To be honest I got bored of deep dungeon and HoH.. I would prefer something new instead, or even better some more QoL changes instead of a new feature. For example, inventory management or being able to use marketplace to sell your stuff instead of retainers.

Imagine a marketplace revamp like GW2 for example… You sell in stacks of xxx but buyer can buy how many they like from your stack. Able to craft with materials on retainer or chocobo bag..


I don’t think we’re getting the Deep Dungeon this time around – there was apparently a Dengeki Online interview in February where Yoshi-P was asked about them and the various translations of it I can find all point to them taking this expansion off when it comes to deep dungeon.

I think in it’s place we’re gonna see some features we weren’t expecting (something minion related maybe?) or connected to the player run farms mentioned as a possible feature back during the Fan Fests.

Mr Poolaty

What’s up with those player run farms they talked about during the last set of fan festivals???

Ruby Lancer

They actually already set up Hildebrand potentially showing up in the First at the end of the last batch of adventures with him. Going to pop it into spoilers here for those that haven’t been through it, and for a bit of general FF Lore and other things.

Fun Times!

Okay, so at the end of our Kugane based adventures, our villain mind controlled what is almost the most powerful and at the same time weakest beings in the known Final Fantasy series as a whole, Gilgamesh.

See, Gilgamesh has the ability to cross dimensions, though on a different level than what Omega had been doing, or what the Crystal Exarch had done with us and the Scions. The being that Hildebrand affectionately called Greg is the same one that first appeared in Final Fantasy V, and would go on to also show up in VIII and IX, as well as in ports of older games and the like.

While its never outright stated how he gained the ability to do it, it seems that it was just something that he ended up gaining after Exdeath had banished him to the void, as we’re never really given a time frame for how long it was for HIM in there from when he was banished and when we end up seeing him again nearer the end of V. Its implied that either a lot of time passed for him, or that something in the Void had fundamentally changed him, if not both.

Given the nature of things, its also not something that means that Hildebrand and company will end up on the First, and could just be floating around, crashing into other FF games spontaneously for one reason or another. Its just the explanation as to how they end up getting to the First.


A massive inventory rework/revamp?


Deep dungeon I think will be replaced with the new relic content, Save The Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr.

Deep dungeons aren’t as necessary anyways with Trusts in the mix now.


Trusts don’t replace Deep Dungeon in any way. They’re completely unrelated.

Deep Dungeon was fun content. Trusts is just taking longer to clear dungeons.


Deep dungeons serve 2 purposes: leveling with faster queues and long challenge content.

The first is fully covered by Trusts. The second isn’t but it’s a bit more niche. I still suspect the challenge content will factor into the new relic content.