EVE Online pledges Loyalty to Lowsec with today’s update


Traveling through the void of EVE Online is about to get significantly spicier, especially if you jump to lowsec areas of space. Today’s Loyalty to Lowsec update has brought on the much-lauded adjustments to faction warfare such as increased Loyalty Point payout for PvP kills, tweaks to faction warfare complex Acceleration Gates, and the miniature events that seek to make people fight it out in lowsec.

The update has also made a couple of notable changes to the game as well, such as a forced 14-day peace treaty if an attacking alliance or corp fails to pay their wardec bill in order to prevent a retaliatory wardec, reduced efficiency for NPC mining fleets, and a new daily challenge added to the PvP-minded Skilling Spree event.


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The forced-14-day thing in peace treaties is a symptom of exactly what’s wrong with EVE.

They claim to be an open sandbox allowing people to do anything…but there are all these Deus ex Machina mechanisms that are just “rules” enforced basically magically:
– everyone’s safe in stations
– your money is magically safe but you can use it anywhere in the universe
– communication is perfect
– enforced peaces
– you can do “anything” you want but there’s really no consequence unless you’re floating around in a ship.

The overwhelming power of governments to do things like seize assets, lock accounts, issue warrants, etc all nonexistent in EVE.

Imagine the real world where you can do anything you want, and the ONLY punishment you can suffer is that if you’re bad enough, if they see you, police will shoot you with beanbags until you’re unconscious and then just leave you alone. Would that work very well?

Either make it a TRUE sandbox, or stop claiming it’s one.


Losing the value of your ship isn’t really tossing bean bags especially if you are in a multi billion idk ship. Plus it’s not the npc police you have to worry about it’s the other players that’ll pod kill you just for bragging rights. Don’t believe me travel to nul sec.


Phht, it IS bean bags, your character can’t actually die. Can’t be incarcerated. Can’t be actually punished in any meaningful way…just inconvenienced.

Multi billion ship isn’t anything if you have hundreds of billions – and as they say, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, right? In that case, then losing that ship is nearly meaningless if it’s fully replaceable.

Shadex De'Marr

PvPrs are a smaller section of the general MMO player base. Then lessen that to the small percent of PvPrs that actually enjoy permadeath and full loot, etc. EvE could go that route and suddenly find so few players actually logging in that they would never find anyone to fight. Or they can curb the wholesale slaughter with certain limitations and have a game enjoyed the world over.


Readed those patch notes and the 14-day peace treaty is for the specific case of the attackers not paying their War Declaration Bill, since is not intended that you can declare multiple wars against the same corp which are, in effect, the same war, without paying said bill.

Another solution would have been to put the first bill as an upfront cost, but that would decimate wars overall since that increases the entry cost, so I understand why this change.