EverQuest activates a short bonus period, releases a cappella album


Even as EverQuest’s team transitions to working from home, it doesn’t mean things are slowing down for the title during its anniversary month. In fact, the team decided to run a short promotion through the 25th with an increase in rare spawns and is taking questions to answer on its official Discord channel.

“Thank you for the messages and kind words,” Daybreak said. “We wanted to update you on our status as the team adjusts and resumes development while working from home. If there are any delays or changes to scheduled events or plans during this time frame, we’ll inform you as early as possible.”

And probably the strangest (but no less welcome) part of the game’s 21st birthday celebrations was the release of a mini-album starring EverQuest themes… all done a cappella. Give it a quick listen here:


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I started this game 13 years after it came out and I still believe there is a lost opportunity here in regards to new MMORPGs. None of the ones today compare to the sandpark that is EQ.