Shroud of the Avatar offers a preview of its upcoming Bunker C scene


While much of the most recent Avatar’s Update from Shroud of the Avatar doesn’t have too much different from the last one, there is one intriguing preview at the very top of the Bunker C scene, a new dungeon arriving to the MMORPG some time this year.

This new encounter is part of an upcoming quest that will start in Novia’s Far Hinterlands and directs players to a crumbling underground shelter full of deadly lava as well as well as undead and elemental threats. The scene is still in its early stages of development, but the look from game designer Keith “Sannio” Quinn offers a pretty good look of the dungeon as its being designed on stream. If you’re curious about this new instance and want to see it get pieced together, you can check out the embedded video below for a look behind the scenes.


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Tom Thumb

More scenes, yet still tons of broken mechanics. I’m sure everyone will be happy to have yet another page in their broken Journal!!