Borderlands 3, now fully live on Steam, previews next content drop


Hey, remember Borderlands 3? When the only way to play it on PC was to install the confusingly maligned Epic Games Store? Well that time has long since passed as the FPS RPG is on Steam as of March 13th, and with some time on the platform now under its belt, it appears that things have been pretty favorable overall. At the time of this writing, Borderlands 3 is sitting on a Mostly Positive user review aggregate, with most players finding its gunplay a strong enough hook to ignore a storyline and writing that’s called “abysmal.” The game also seems to have done some respectable numbers in terms of player concurrency, with Steamcharts showing an all-time peak of 93,597 and a 24-hour peak of just over half that number at 59,967.

Yesterday, Gearbox was talking up Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock, the game’s second content drop. And we’re also expecting a free level cap increase to 57, the endgame overhaul dubbed Mayhem Mode 2.0, and the six-week seasonal Revenge of the Cartels event. Mayhem Mode 2.0 is launching in April.

Just in case you missed it, Borderlands 3 does allow for some cross-platform play between Steam and EGS, which should be good news for those who prefer their irreverent looter-shooter RPG with some co-op.


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Game was also 50% off on Steam for like a week or so so that was a pretty great deal for a game that’s only 5-6 months old and just came out on the platform. Got the super deluxe edition which was basically all DLC + season pass for $50. Seemed like a no-brainer.

That’s like the one benefit of the EGS is that games will theoretically improve and get their sh*t together by the time they release on Steam.

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The only way I could get through this game’s story was to set voice volume to 0, disable subtitles, and at every story point turn my character away from the action and do something else for a couple of minutes. I would have liked to try out one of the other classes but on top of being very bad, the story is also way, way too long


I get that it’s comforting for businesses to take a guaranteed payday from an exclusivity deal and keep a game exclusive to that platform either for a time or forever. That’s a decision they can make, I don’t really blame them.

That said I don’t want anything to do with Epic. You’re not going to force me onto that platform with the exclusive deal. I’m just going to forget your game exists like I do with all the numerous console exclusive titles out there. Even if you release it later like they are now on Steam, it’s a dead product line to me.

I don’t say this as some non-customer either. I own Borderlands 1, 2 and pre-sequel and all the DLCs (yes even the stupid holiday cosmetic style DLCs) for all those games. If you want Epic’s money you don’t get mine. Just that simple.

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“confusingly maligned”

That’s like saying a national shut-down amid a virus that’s killed thousands is a “minor inconvenience”.


It’s not confusingly maligned at all. The Epic Store might be a good deal for game devs, but it’s a massive step backwards and off a cliff for consumers. It took them MONTHS to even add a shopping cart. There’s no wishlist, and it’s actually considered a *feature* that there are no user reviews. Looking at a game there? Better check Metacritic then and make sure it’s not a buggy broken mess, because Epic sure doesn’t want to tell you before they take your money. If you have any issue at all, you have to proved *absurd* amounts of information to their customer support. Like, the exact date and time your account was created. (Hope you remembered to keep that confirmation email.)

They’re competing with Steam and GoG not by having a superior product, because their launcher is minimum viable product garbage. They’re coasting on the massive Fortnite audience, and the income from that allowing them to basically *blackmail* consumers into buying from their store by locking new titles as platform exclusives. The Epic Store lacks features that have been pretty much standard in other online stores for over a *decade,* and Epic seems to have little intention of doing anything about that. Shopping Cart? Not last time I checked. Wishlist? Nope. Chat feature, screenshots, or even a dedicated forum? Nuh uh. User reviews? Deliberately not included. But as a bonus feature, people were apparently getting locked out of their accounts for making too many purchases. (Because there’s no shopping cart they had to buy the games one by one, which tripped some kind of “fraud protection” routine.)

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Yup, Epic basically cut to the front of a line that other people had been standing in for years.

Was it a dirty move? Yup. Could they have done it without the Fortnite cash? Mostly likely not.

Was it a smart business move? Absolutely.

Take GoG. Their launcher is amazing, it even syncs games from other platforms, and friends lists. They have wishlists and the whole bundle of features.

And yet, because they entered the “game” many years after steam, they are barely a blip on the radar for most digital computer sales compared to steam. They did everything clean and legit, but are struggling to exist, let alone compete. From a business perspective it was probably a bad move to try to exist in the same space as Steam. Sorta like a Mom & Pop store trying to compete with Walmart.

Epic knew what it was doing was low down and conniving. But the business folks at Epic mapped out the money and realized that it was worth getting dirty… and that dirt can eventually wear off. This doesnt make it any less of a scumbag move… but thats capitalism for you.


So we should hope for socialized game development? Everything goes through the government censors, gets paid for with tax dollars, and then gets put in the government queue for development by government developers whenever they get around to it after filling out all their TPS reports? I’ll take a pass on all that and stick with capitalism, thanks.

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why? because my very last sentence??

Thats like me saying “its hurts when you get burned…. but thats what fire does”

it doesnt mean anything more than fire is hot. It doesnt mean we need to get rid of fire, or live in water. It means simply recognize what something is.

Axetwin .

When it comes to GoG, it’s a yes and no situation. The reason they’re “barely a blip” because for the longest time it was niche market. They were only selling older forgotten titles from the 90’s and early 00’s. Titles that required a bit of work get running on modern rigs, that’s not something current companies want to do for their old games. Even though GoG is getting into more modern titles, they still do so DRM free, which is something most AAA developers/publishers don’t like. GoG had the means to be a serious competitor to Steam, but noone wanted to play ball with them. THAT’S why their size is insignificant compared to Steam.