Torchlight III shows off the Sharpshooter class in new alpha video


Multiplayer not-an-MMO-anymore Torchlight III has a new dev blog and video out today on the Sharpshooter, its very last new class before launch. MMO players will recall it was added with the alpha earlier this year.

“This new class combines careful precision skills with ranged weapons and magical trinkets to strike down enemies from afar. The Sharpshooter is cunning and willing to bend the rules in order to survive the hordes of creatures running rampant in each of the game’s diverse biomes. […] Armed with a signature bow, the Sharpshooter can fire off a barrage of shots to destroy enemies from a distance. While exploring the different biomes featured in Torchlight III, players can level up powerful skills that help the Sharpshooter deploy a series of dirty tricks and regenerate precious ammo.”

PWE and Echtra are still on track to launch “later this year,” though we don’t know exactly when. Take a peek at the new video and pics, and when you’re done with that, swing by our Not So Massively take on the alpha to date.


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Buddy Barlow

Too bad the Sharpshooter doesn’t play like that currently in the alpha…

This game is so far from what made Torchlight 2 great man, something is missing.

Oleg Chebeneev

Lost Ark spoiled me. This looks so boring compared to Gunner classes in LA


I really wonder if this game has enough to justify it now that the MMO version has been tossed in the dumpster.

As an MMO, it would have been interesting. But now it seems like just a minor upgrade (if that) to the current TL2.

Dug From The Earth

The sharpshooter has to be the most generic ranged attack class out there in any game.

Even the amazon in Diablo 2 had more interesting skills. (and more of them)

They might as well have just named the skills:

“Shoot arrow”

“Shoot more arrows”

“Shoot many more arrows”

“Shoot explodey arrow”

There are only a couple skills that arent arrows, but they are pretty underwhelming, both from a performance aspect and from a mechanical one. Take the ball of swarming vermin that you launch out from your character. This COULD have been a ball that chased after enemies, or hit and enemy and continued to swarm around them, damaging them for the duration… but nope… its no different than if you rolled a big boulder forward. Anything hit by it takes a tiny bit of damage…. A sharpshooter, that rolls a boulder.

And shame on them for using the word “summon”.. Summons in games lead players to believe a sort of companion or pet that fights alongside you. Not in this game. Its just a descriptive word to describe where the hell this boulder of rolling vermin came from. You “summoned” it.


ranged classes in ARPGs seem pretty bad, and it’s not just all the arrows, it’s that the arrows are always huge.

Oleg Chebeneev

Agreed. There is zero creativity put into this class

Buddy Barlow

Agreed…it’s bad.

Ive played it and i just didn’t find anything about it interesting. The Torchlight 2 Outlander class was a million times better

And yes..even the D2 amaazon is so much better and still plays better then the SS