Champions Online surveys players, preps Serene Abyss, as Star Trek Online boosts mark acquisition

Oh hi survey.

Would you like to take a survey? Champions Online would like you to take a survey. It’s a survey about the future development of the game, even. It’s a quick SurveyMonkey thing, so it’s not tremendously elaborate or time-consuming, but it still does serve as a sign that the developers are seriously paying attention to what players like and what they’d like to see in the future. At least insofar as collecting feedback goes. Beyond that, the game is prepping for the final chapter of The Serene Abyss, which is set to go live on Tuesday, March 31st.

Meanwhile, Star Trek Online isn’t asking for what players want; instead, it’s just giving you what you want in the form of bonus marks for three whole weeks. Starting today and running until April 16th, all mark gains will be boosted by 50%, giving you an extra edge in finishing projects, reputations, and other tasks within the game. So if you’ve been trying to finish up a particularly lengthy project, hey, you now have exactly the sort of boost you need. Helpful, yes?

Source: Survey, Official Site. Thanks to everyone who sent these in!
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