Final Fantasy XI offers a small April update and an egg-hunting event

Pictured? Not me.

Is there anything more on-brand for Final Fantasy XI than apologizing because this month’s update is a bit smaller than usual? Probably not. According to producer Akihiko Matsui it’s a result of more telecommuting work at Square-Enix, since the development machines are all in the building and the developers didn’t want to commit to adding more in case it proved difficult or impossible to get in extra updates. He does, however, imply that plans are being rolled out and that this will not be an extended state of affairs.

The net result is that the patch is mostly focused on new Records of Eminence updates and new Ambuscade enemies, a standard sort of monthly update (for the game that is ostensibly in maintenance mode and also has a new scenario in development, let’s recall). There’s also the Egg Hunt egg-stravaganza starting up on April 5th, which involves spelling words with eggs as has been the FFXI tradition since time immemorial.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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