Final Fantasy XIV shows off the sound design that went into Shadowbringers in a new video

Shadows done got BROUGHT

The sound design of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers was a strong part of the expansion from the moment the first trailer showed up at the fan festival with a musical hook like no other trailer in the game’s history. So you can imagine there’s a lot of stories to tell about the game’s musical design and sound design, and indeed, that’s exactly what’s on display in the latest installment of the video series looking at the expansion’s creation, focusing on the sounds of the First.

Among the more interesting anecdotes shared are the stage direction for the sound effects during the infamous Tesleen scene (specifically, “pretty vomit”), the switching of major and minor key for the main Shadowbringers theme compared to “Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” and the emphasis on low tones to make the sound of the world feel suffocating. Check out the whole video just below for a deeper look into the sounds that make up the world of Norvrandt.

Source: YouTube


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