Old School RuneScape makes several small improvements as RuneScape shows off Archaeology rewards


Jagex is still pretty busy with both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, with the former providing another look at Archaeology and the latter putting out several smaller but no less desired updates.

For OSRS fans, there are several game improvements that have been applied like reduced respawn time for Sarachnis, updates to the Crystal Impling loot table that now include crystal shards and crystal acorns, the removal of several unnecessary sentences when speaking with Slayer masters via NPC Contact, and reduced hunt ranges of long-tailed and taloned wyverns to make it easier for wyvern slayers to avoid the wrong subspecies for their tasks. All of these updates come by way of the results of Poll #70, so we suspect these are welcome changes.

Do note that the OSRS servers had issues suffered improper reboots this morning and Jagex pulled them offline, but they ought to be back up by now. No rollback was planned.

As for RuneScape, the devs continue to bang on the Archaeology drum, with yet another Archeology livestream. This one focuses mostly on the rewards players get for digging around in the dirt like world first broadcasts, outfits, consumables, and leveling benefits. You can take in the full broadcast below.


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