The Elder Scrolls Online starts celebrating six years of operation on April 2

Years and years.

It’s been six years since The Elder Scrolls Online first went live, and as is largely tradition in the MMO space, most of the celebration will be offered to the players. The sixth anniversary festivities kick off on April 2nd, offering players a slice of cake worth two hours of an extra 100% XP boost just for clearing a quest. Players will also get special Anniversary Jubilee gift boxes just for clearing daily quests normally, each of which can contain all manner of helpful items within.

You’ll also get Event Tickets for eating your first slice of cake every day, along with earning up to two additional tickets for defeating bosses. Those tickets can be exchanged for Indrik Feathers, style pages, furnishings, and repair kits. So it’s a nice assortment of bonuses for doing things you’re already doing in the game, and based on the overall duration they’ve been things you’ve had six years to enjoy up until now.


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And, the Jester event which also rewards a 2hr (reusable) 2x experience item started this morning and will continue for the next week.


Totally worth it ;)


Oh good, now I have a reason to use the Jester personality again.

Bruno Brito

Can we celebrate with…i don’t know…CAPES?!


That would involve work to animate it. Why do that when they can just reskin another Indrik ?

In all seriousness, this event is where it get all my crafting motifs from and I get them by doing crafting dailies that I do anyway.