Woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis has officially launched on Steam early access


Woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis is officially live in early access on Steam today – because we don’t have enough apocalypse in our lives right now.

“Set thousands of years in the future, Last Oasis sees players take on the role of unwilling nomads who must navigate the passing oases of a dangerous and devolved planet Earth. Long ago, a cataclysmic event destroyed the moon and halted the Earth’s rotation, plunging the planet into two extreme environments, with one habitable strip of land between desert and ice. Now, nomads must traverse the unforgiving planet on walkers: wooden, wind-powered machines and mobile bases that can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat. In Last Oasis the sun burns the land in the west, turning it to dust. In order to stay ahead of the obliterating sun, nomads must explore new territories that slowly emerge on the eastern horizon, where the Earth has long been frozen in impenetrable ice. The remnants of humanity also built a large waking city, Flotilla, now the Earth’s only civilisation. Nomads must gather resources, fight with warring clans and do whatever it takes to keep the city moving or it will be lost. Keep moving, the world is dying.”

Studio Donkey Crew has dropped the price for the next week – specifically, it says, to encourage people to stay home during the pandemic. “For the next 7 days, players will receive a 17% launch discount, after which Last Oasis will be priced at $29.99 (or regional equivalent).” That makes it just under $25 here in the US.

We’ve got the new trailer down below; you can also check out our deep-dive into the game from earlier this week!

Source: Press release
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