EVE Online details its Champions of Lowsec event and posts another monthly econ report


If the changes to lowsec in EVE Online aren’t already enough to get you to fly to that section of space and blow up other people, then perhaps some notoriety in-game and in meatspace is the incentive you need. Enter the Champions of Lowsec event, which is on between now and March 31st.

As we reported on before, this event will reward the alliance or corp that blows up the most things in terms of ISK cost with a flag of their alliance logo flying at CCP Games HQ for a month, a special tribute video that will be produced and played at every billboard in New Eden for a month, and character sheet medals to individuals who have appeared on killmails in lowsec during the contest period. There are, as always, rules to follow, so make sure to read up.

Speaking of ISK, this month’s economic report is out with your regular dose of charts, graphs, and heatmaps for in-game activity for the industrialist capsuleer. We suspect that destroyed value heatmap will be… interesting come next month’s report.

source: official site (1, 2)

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