Star Citizen shows off a new weapon attachments UI and tours New Babbage


Inside Star Citizen is back once again with another look at features for alpha 3.9, this time providing a fly-through tour of the New Babbage landing zone and a new way for players to attach things to their guns.

The in-house Building Blocks tech will allow a new UI element that eschews the usual mobiGlas menu system for a sort of weapons inspection mode that highlights points where attachments can be fixed to a weapon. Players can simply click on one of these three locations (underslung, barrel, or scope), which brings up a list of attachments they have in their inventory. Hovering over these items provides a holographic preview of what the attachment will look like, while clicking them (naturally) affixes the weapon attachment in question.

The video then provided a more in-depth look at the New Babbage landing zone that will open on microTech, providing a look at several major locations that players will get to visit and providing a little insight into the design choices for the area. What will likely be a comfort to people who are bad at finding spaceports (ie: me) is that New Babbage’s spaceport is a pretty fair distance from the city of New Babbage proper, meaning that there’s less difficulty locating where to go and (more importantly) less chance of flying into restricted areas and being blown up in the process.

Inside Star Citizen will be back in about a month, but in the meantime, you can get a look of what this episode has to offer below.

source: YouTube
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