Villagers and Heroes has announced its next expansion, called Eclipse


Villagers & Heroes is a staff favorite here on MOP – it took our indie of the year award in 2019, after all. And now, Mad Otter Games has teased the game’s next expansion: Eclipse.┬áThere isn’t a whole lot out on what we can expect from it yet, however. The landing page shows a spooky eclipse and the silhouette of a pyramid and obelisks.

“Recently in the Seven Realms, a significant event took place, an unusual phenomenon, which, while at first ominous, revealed itself to in fact be a portent of good and it became a day for celebration and rejoicing, not fear. The event was an eclipse. And though the world seemed briefly to have been drowned in darkness, when the warmth and brightness of the sun did again appear in the sky, it brought with it, too, the glorious arrival of the Shaman. A new era of hope and promise had begun. Or so it seemed. There were some in the land, those well versed in old magics, who felt something shift, some imperceptible thing they could not name slip ever so slightly in those few moments of darkness brought on by the eclipse, as if the great force of the natural phenomenon had caused a fissure somewhere, a tearing of sorts, in the careful balance of the order of things. And in the days and weeks following the eclipse, though nothing precise could be articulated, strange occurrences began to take place around Ardent.”

Eventually, according to the story, Ardent’s king sent forth investigation parties. Only one person returned, dying just after uttering his warning: “The Fifth Child has returned, and must not be allowed to succeed.” That sounds kinda bad, right?

For comparison’s sake, last year’s huge expansion, A Tale of Earth and Sea, was announced mid-April and launched mid-July, so we could be looking at a similar cadence here too.

Curious about the game? Our own MMO Cartographer took a deep-dive earlier this year.

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