World of Warcraft adds in Legacy Loot mode for Legion raids and dungeons

A dispatch from the days when I bothered.

As the saying goes, it’s better late than never. Adding in Legacy Loot for World of Warcraft’s prior expansion (Legion) certainly feels late at this point; we’re all awaiting the next expansion, and people have been able to at least hopefully solo many of these dungeons and raids for a while. But it’s better late than never indeed, and starting after the maintenance on March 31st players will get access to the coveted Legacy Loot for these older dungeons for farming appearances.

For those of you who have forgotten what this particular mode does, it ensures that every boss drops the maximum possible number of items without concern for spec, so you have the best chances of getting the drops you want in content that poses no challenge other than just luck in what drops. This is already in-game for most older content, but Legion raids and dungeons haven’t gotten it until now… and technically still haven’t, since you have to wait until March 31st. But close enough.

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