Final Fantasy XI kicks off the New Beginnings Early Spring campaigns on April 11

Normal dog.

Increased seals! Increased crests! Increased rewards from content! All of this and more arrives in Final Fantasy XI starting on April 11th with the rollout of the New Beginnings Early Spring campaigns, offering players a variety of extra gewgaws for taking on challenges and even higher drop rates on seals and crests used to unlock high-end battlefields. The drop rates for those increase the more players you have in the party, up to a maximum of six per individual drop.

Players will also get more mysterious items from Nyzul Isle, free Abjuration dial spins for the Gobbie Mystery Box, bonus loot from specific Macrocosmic Orb battlefield monsters, and a variety of other boosts to rewards as you move through the game. Check out the full rundown to get a picture of what players can expect when campaigns kick off in the near future; there’s a lot of bonus rewards to be had in the mix.


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