PlanetSide 2 enjoys a surge in activity and breaks its own Guinness World Record


Someone dared to post something positive about a game in the MMORPG subreddit. Not only that, but this brave digital wanderer had nice things to say about PlanetSide 2, which isn’t even an MMORPG as someone will pithily point out. We salute your verve, Theomancer the Brave Little Redditor. We also suspect the ravening MMORPG subreddit wolves will come for your flesh soon.

Indeed, PlanetSide 2 has been riding a high note of recent, with over 60% gains in players in February and in the last 30 days to a current 24-hour peak of 6,841 concurrent players. For context, those numbers are similar to figures enjoyed by the game on Steam in middle to late 2014. Those numbers also saw the multiplayer shooter hit the top seller’s list on Steam and break its own 2015 Guinness World Record for most players in a single FPS battle, with 1,283 players on Esamir instead of the 1,158-player fight according to executive producer Andy Sites.

While worldwide quarantines are likely helping things out, one can also likely look at the large-scale Escalation update as a huge draw. Whatever the reason, things are on an upswing for the once beleaguered FPS.

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