RuneScape adds in the new Archaeology skill for excavating and cleaning artifacts

Dig it.

We promise you, after this line there will be absolutely no jokes about whether or not you can “dig” the latest skill added to RuneScape or whether or not you think it’s a “stone-cold classic.” As easy as the puns are for the new Archaeology skill, we will refrain. It is the 28th skill added to the game, and it’s all about using your mattock to dig up the relics of the past in order to restore them to their former glory.

Players should take note that as this is a new skill, players will lose access to several capes associated with maxing every skill since, you know… Archaeology is now there. But there is a grace period of six months to get the Completionist Cape and Trimmed Completionist Cape back with just 99 skill instead of 120, so if you’d like your capes back faster, you should probably get in there and start unearthing some relics with a trip to the Archeaology Guild. And yes, we recognize the irony in making Archaeology the newest skill. It’s kind of funny.


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