Star Trek Online expands First Contact Day starting on April 2

Star Trek Online expands First Contact Day starting on April 2

It’s just about time to celebrate humanity’s first steps to the stars in Star Trek Online… or the fictional version of the same, more accurately. We do not have actual warp speed ships yet, after all. But you can celebrate the accomplishments of April 4th, 2063, starting on April 2nd for PC players and April 9th for console players as part of the in-universe holiday tracking Dr. Cochrane’s first flight in the Phoenix and the subsequent first contact between Humans and Vulcans. This year you even get a new twist on the formula.

As with prior years, players can compete against others to assemble and launch a miniature Phoenix rocket as part of the celebration. This year, though, you can also take part in a new patrol with Seven of Nine, traveling back in time to 2063 to foil the Borg plot attempting to undo that first contact. Either way, players will earn event progress and eventually unlock a special Temporal Probe console that offers passive boosts and a specialized projectile. The celebrations start in just a few days for PC players, so get ready to commemorate an event in the game’s past and in our future.

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Nick Smith

Do they have increased exp with this event?!