APB Reloaded discusses its Easter event and beta testing for the Unreal Engine upgrade

APB Reloaded discusses its Easter event and beta testing for the Unreal Engine upgrade

APB Reloaded has a lot of pots boiling right now and they’d like to share what’s cooking with you, so let’s get right to it.

First off is the extension of the Joker Madness event, which tripled Joker Ticket rewards in Action Districts and doubled their drop rates. Specifically, March Madness drop rates will be extended, there will no longer be zero Joker Ticket drops, and consumables will drop independently of Joker Tickets. The devs are also extending the 100 guaranteed Joker Tickets to all Joker Mystery Boxes. Since the Joker Tickets are flying all over the place, there’s some new guns in the Joker Ticket store as well.

Speaking of events, the Egg Hunt is coming back on April 1st, which tasks players with collecting as many eggs as possible by mugging bunnies, chickens, and other players in special Easter versions of Financial and Waterfront. Bunnies carry one egg each, chickens carry five, and other players carry however many they have in their inventory. And if things look a bit too risky to mug other players for all their eggs, you can simply shoot them for half of their eggs. All of these updates are fully outlined in the newest patch notes.

Outside of in-game events, there are some other updates for APB Reloaded in general. Eastern European players will be happy to note that some new servers are being added to the Warsaw data center at some indeterminate point in the future, while the big Unreal Engine upgrade is due to enter beta testing soon. A date for this test is still not tied down, but testing will likely run for a weekend and be limited to Social and Asylum districts. Players should keep their eyes open for announcements on when testing will begin and when the test client can be downloaded, which should be available for an entire week. Unless, of course, someone else sneaks in to the test build.

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