April Fools’ Day around the MMO ‘verse, 2020 edition


Happy April Fools’ Day, folks. Here’s a look at a few of the goofball pranks and patches we spied in MMOs this morning!

First, up there in the header is Guild Wars 2, which has been overrun with the King of Cats! More games should have this problem. Here’s another look courtesy of MOP’s Colin, plus the devs put in a “golden sink” that is… exactly what it says on the sink! And the joke patchnotes are up now too, kicking off (not-fake) “perilous yet entirely optional distractions” running through April 7th.

Elder Scrolls Online, of course, is in the middle of the Jester’s Festival.

Albion Online put up a… “cover” of its theme song.

Star Citizen has introduced Planet Tech V5 – The Flattening, “bringing our flat galaxy to life.”

War Thunder – sorry, Space Thunder – is sending players into spaaaaaace. This is another one of those actually playable ones. “The new vehicle type – space forces that engage in orbital battles will be open today for the next few days in the Events menu of the War Thunder game client,” Gaijin says. “Zero gravity and the open vacuum nature of the battleground dictates that only special space combat modules operated by professional astronauts can be used.”

LOTRO Players has finally figured out what happened to the LOTRO Producer’s Letter that was expected at the top of the year! The site has attributed it to “internal strife” over how to implement the Scouring of the Shire.

We don’t have World of Warcraft’s prank yet, but WoWhead’s is pretty funny all by itself.

City of Heroes Homecoming put a hilarious patch (it’s not just patch notes!) including more plots for Nemesis, a rebalance for the brawl skill, and a “Take Your Child to Work Day” event. This one, you need to log in to see. We can’t post video of it, unfortunately.

“To simulate a more true-to-life superhero experience, all heroes and villains must now take their children to work! Your child will follow you around and will always move slightly slower than you. Be sure to take regular breaks so they can catch up. Please note that, just like real children, you cannot dismiss them and they must be cared for at all times.”

Overwatch is beset by googly eyes.

Underrated Highlight Intro from Overwatch

All of The Non-Hero Googly Eyes (That I Could Find) from Overwatch

Skyforge has announced a new Kickstarter for a board game based on the MMO! It’s a little more subtle than others…

“Mini-Figures have been specially designed to have features specific to that class:
The Necromancer: Will constantly play the same sound once you get it out of the box!
The Soundweaver: Will play some heavy EDM if you squeeze it between your fingers.
The Witch: Is made out of Catnip (don’t ask why).
The Berserker: Has a real PVC chainsaw running, sadly we couldn’t find a way to turn it off.”

SWG Legends has brought back Dr Fool.

Black Desert has brought back the Liar Liar event.

Starbase introduced Starbae, the dating app. Wheee

RuneScape’s revolves around the brand-new archaeology skill.

Even SoulWorker is offering masks and other goodies for the occasion.


Star Trek Online is putting on a concert!

Art-curation MMO Occupy White Walls introduced a new currency: TP!

Wizard101 added a new mount called the Windbreaker. Butts!

Warframe knows you just wanna watch lifestyle videos on YouTube, so it’s launching MoreFrame.

Trove’s rolled out “Inspector Cardboard” – just log in to claim yours.

I’m gonna warn you right now, SMITE’s is chiefly a rickroll. But we love the “only on Ouya” bit.

EVE Online’s is a huge burn on Australians, damn. (Thanks, Wilhelm!)

“We’re pleased to announced today that EVE Online will soon be localised in Australian! Despite enjoying many benefits when playing EVE Online due to their geographic location such as: a conveniently placed downtime to enable a relaxing break in the middle of primetime; an abundance of Citadel vulnerability windows timed to their region to take advantage of; the inability to align and warp anything in under two seconds which makes running gate-camps especially enjoyable and exciting. Australian players often struggle with many basic interactions in the EVE client, as many EU and US fleet commanders can attest to.”

DC Universe Online put in a retro combat parser that is… actually neat. The thread is filled with people begging Daybreak to keep it!

Neverwinter has a couple of pranks on tap, including stick pony mounts and April Fowls Day.

We’re positive there are more we haven’t scouted out yet. We’ll update as we spy more! Drop ’em in the comments for everyone!

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