Pandemic roundup: Humble Conquer COVID-19, Bethsoft events canceled, EA ‘stay and play’


Welcome back to another roundup of the impact of COVID-19 on gaming.

A huge stack of game studios have chipped in to support Humble’s Conquer COVID-19 bundle. “This special one-week bundle features $1,071 worth of games and ebooks for just $30,” the organizers say. “100% of the proceeds from your bundle purchase go to support organizations responding to COVID-19. For example, delivering protective gear to safeguard healthcare workers and providing medical care to infected patients.” We don’t spy any true MMOs in there, but it’s a good cause and a ton of products for a relatively small chunk of change. As of last night, it had already raised over a million bucks.

Bethesda has outright canceled QuakeCon this year. It had been set for August, and though that’s still a long way off, the company says it won’t be able to fully prepare for it under the current situation.

Perhaps the worst bit for MMO players is that Bethsoft won’t be hosting its live or digital showcase that normally runs alongside E3.

Though EA had at one point said it was suspending live events for all its games, including Apex Legends’, it’s now clarified that the digital events will be worth everyone’s while, with a list of $100,000 tourneys meant to be part of EA’s “stay and play” initiative.

TERA’s western publisher, En Masse, is handing out two weeks of freebie elite status. All players must do is log in during the month of April. Existing subbers will pick up two free weeks as well.

Wild Terra 2 is also begging players to stay at home, wear masks if they can’t, and play games, and in fact it’s put up a “stay home” pack that includes access to the whole game while it’s in development plus a few other cutesy bits, like legendary toilet paper. “When used, people nearby will read a funny phrase.”

The final date of Neverwinter’s fast-track pack unwrapping is almost upon us: Today is your last full day to pick up the huge freebie bundie for PWE’s D&D MMO.

Finally, Funcom extended Conan Exiles’ XP boosting event just a bit longer.

Please be safe out there, folks.

More on the impact of the virus on gaming:


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IronSalamander8 .

On the BfN forums they’re mentioning that the PvZ devs are giving free codes for BfN so people can play that game while at home as part of EA’s ‘stay and play’ campaign. I’m not exactly a fan of EA for many reasons, and the last games by them I play these days (Besides my old C64 games that is) are the PvZ shooters so I’d recommend taking a look at the official forum post, which I’ll link below, and the PvZ Twitter feed.

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Jack Pipsam

Two weeks of Elite Status is TERA is actually pretty solid. When I played that game for a few months I subbed, made life a lot easier in that game with it haha.


It looks like that Covid-19 Humble Bundle comes with a free month of Humble Choice as well. That basically means 9 more games on top of what they’re listing I think.


I feel like all the games in Humble Bundles have already been bundled so many times that a lot of folk already have those 50 games unplayed in Steam.