PlanetSide 2 reboots its Outfit Wars qualifier after exploits

Awesome toy banned.

The good news about PlanetSide 2‘s Outfit Wars revamp is that the qualifiers have produced lots of good data for the developers to use moving forward and given an obvious set of things to improve upon, change, or keep the same in the future. The bad news, unfortunately, is that in a tale as old as time players managed to ruin everything by exploiting the system, causing the developers to shrug and ask to take a mulligan on the current qualifier round to undo exploits and ensure fairness.

As a result, progress in the qualifier round has been reset to zero and the qualifiers will run until April 6th. This is about the usual planned period for qualifiers to last, and while all scores have been reset it doesn’t affect resources or anything beyond score. The changes include removing some passive methods of control and giving both small and large Outfits a competitive status when trying to capture a base. It’s a bit sad for players who were playing legitimately and have now seen progress wiped out, but hopefully it’ll make things more balanced in the future.


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