Skyforge’s Aelion Day anniversary event asks players to fulfill prophecies for rewards


Why would players challenge themselves to fulfill a prophecy? To face a destiny ordained on paper? Is it fame? Glory? Redemption? In Skyforge, it’s about getting a sweet outfit in the Aelion Day 2020 event.

From now until Wednesday, April 15th, players can earn prophecies by going on adventures and helping mortals; the more mortals you rescue, the better your chances of seeing a prophecy item drop. This new item is effectively a riddle for a task that the player must complete to earn Threads of Destiny currency. The more prophecies you complete, the higher chance you get of seeing a great prophecy drop, which features a more challenging riddle and offers greater rewards.

Speaking of rewards, the event will let players cash in their Threads of Destiny for goods in the Market, and there are other rewards to earn for completing prophecies and challenges such as anniversary costumes and a portrait decoration. There will also be daily tasks players can complete for even more rewards like additional Threads of Destiny, Victor’s Medals, Portrait Elements, or Knowledge of Enemies. For the truly dedicated completionist, there’s also a special title for those who complete every single daily task.

All of the details and some shots of the pretty shinies waiting in the wings are outlined on the game’s website.


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